Do you stop losing weight at a certain point?


You look down at the dreaded number on the weighing scale; the needle tip hovering below it, taunting you. It has been three weeks and your weight does not seem to budge. You’ve been progressing pretty well to reach your ideal weight but now your body has decided to call it quit.


Before you throw in the towel and say “I quit”, do not despair. This is known as weight loss plateau, and there are ways to break down the barrier.


Weight loss plateau happens to almost everyone. If you do not experience any, you must be really lucky. Lots of people reach their ideal weight after experiencing 2-3 plateaus, each lasting several weeks.


So how can you overcome this greatest test of all?


Assess Your Calorie Intake

Oftentimes, our weight plateaus because we are eating more calories than we burn. The workout regime you are doing now should not be the same as the workout plan you did back when you were starting off. As we lose weight, our metabolism rate decrease as a smaller frame means that the body does not need as much energy to support it.


Calorie creep is also a culprit, where we consume more calories than we think we are consuming. For example, a small 150 calories bag of chips is actually 300 calories because there are 2 servings in each bag.


Continuity is Key

Aside from managing your calorie intake, ensure that the progression of your workouts has not recede. Aside from being progressive in your workout intensity, be mindful not to over-diversify your workouts. Constantly changing your workout each time you go to the gym will not maximise the results that you wanted.


Track Progress

Having continuity allows you to keep track of your improvements in strength as well as your fitness level. This ensure that you are able to progressively adjust the intensity of your workout without straining your body.


For ideal weight loss, establish a target calorie intake and follow through it. Note down the calories you eat and track your body weight be it using an old-fashioned journal or apps such as Weight Watchers.


In managing our calorie intake, Marc Perry of BuiltLean gives us this simple equation to follow:

Pounds: Bodyweight x 10 = Target Calorie Intake To Lose Weight

Kilograms: Bodyweight x 22 = Target Calorie Intake To Lose Weight


The journey to reaching your ideal weight may be long and arduous, but when once you reach your goal, nothing feels greater than the fact that you have worked hard for it and earned it.

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